Everything in Bagtazo's collections are made in limited editions and are hand-finished, or entirely handmade in the designer's studio in NYC.

Designer: Courtney Cady (Coco for short)

Bagtazo is a family surname from the Philippines, selected in HOMAGE TO COCO's grandmother, a woman who walks the line between tradition and modernity, which is the core ethos behind Bagtazo's designs.

'Bagtazo,' say Bog-tazo

EST 2014

Bagtazo was founded in Los Angeles. Then Bagtazo migrated to San Francisco where Coco met her husband.  ❤️
Now they live in New York. 

Bagtazo is made in part by manufacturers in New York City, California, and the Mid-Atlantic, except for the berets, which is of course, are made in France.


Coco's mother (far right) and her siblings stationed at a US Naval Base in Japan before immigrating to San Francisco in 1964  

Coco's mother (far right) and her siblings stationed at a US Naval Base in Japan before immigrating to San Francisco in 1964





Anything not made in my studio is produced with partners who are viewed as human beings, friends, and most importantly, essential to Bagtazo.

I firmly believe in human rights, and because of this, I only manufacture with small businesses who treat their workers fairly.

I view the relationship between Bagtazo and manufacturers as a direct exchange of work and adequate living wages, so I never request unfair volume discounts or unreasonable deadlines to be met (because tbh, this industry is hard enough as it is).

I have also been an environmentalist since I was a child. For this reason, I work with materials of verifiable sources, and continually strive towards building the most sustainable business I can.

While Bagtazo may change over the years, these are my core values. For lack of better words, this is my promise to myself, my working partners and all Bagtazo customers forever and ever.







Courtney Cady began her career in fashion in 1999, selling handmade surf trunks by seamstress Sato Hughes, who had been making bespoke shorts for Kanvas by Katin since 1961 in Surfside, Calif. A few years later, Courtney worked as a vintage buyer for Japanese distribution company Ragtime Cowboy and Imonni in Long Beach, Calif. alongside owner and designer Eiko Wise. Eiko was ahead of the curve in terms of vintage reconstruction, ‘up-cycling’ oversized caftans and dated maxi dresses to create renewed clothing. From these two women, Courtney learned the details of fashion construction and handmade clothing production.

In 2004, Courtney established Shallow Fashion, a company providing production assistance to emergent and established brands; manufacturing mostly in the US. As a result of her experience helping designers make apparel and accessories by working closely with fabric mills, pattern makers, sample makers, tech designers, graders, cutters, sewers, printers and finishers—all in a factory setting—Courtney gained a diverse skill-set while establishing Shallow Fashion over the course of more than a decade in the industry.

Courtney attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, earning a bachelor's degree in Visual Anthropology and second in Philosophy in 2009.

Having fiddled with metalwork in her studio on her spare time, Courtney eventually established Bagtazo in 2014.

Courtney lives and works in New York City with her husband, Daniel Kine. He calls her Coco.