Cassiopeia Ring

Cassiopeia Ring


This item is currently in stock in size S/M. All other sizes must be custom made.

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Unlike other two finger rings, the Sunset Ring base wraps around your fingers, instead of cuffing them together so you can actually do things with your hand.

XS/S - US ring size 4.5 - 5
S/M - US ring size 5.5 - 7
M/L - US ring size 7.5 - 9


Gold: 14k gold vermeil
Rose: 14k rose gold vermeil
Silver: .925 sterling silver
Made in Los Angeles


Gold vermeil is heavily gold-plated sterling silver. Bagtazo uses 2 microns when plating, which is a special plating process that coats the sterling base with more density than traditional plating. With the proper care, vermeil can last indefinitely, even with everyday wear. Gold vermeil is hypoallergenic.


Clean gold vermeil by gently wiping it with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Do not treat with chemicals, as they can remove the gold. Over time, gold vermeil can become tarnished and covered in darkened patches, but a jeweler (including Bagtazo) can restore its original appearance if you wish.

Store gold vermeil in an airtight container or a lined jewelry box, and never swim in a pool or shower while wearing it.

If you accidentally ignore these suggestions and the vermeil eventually starts to fade, send it back to Bagtazo for restoration. (Cost is based on size but averages at $30). Please visit here for more details.


This item is not stocked and will be made to order. If you need this by a certain date, please email before purchasing to make sure your request can be met.


Cassiopeia is one of the first constellations I learned to recognize in the night sky. When I was a kid, I imagined her lounging on a chase, still super upset at Snow White's mean step-mom for taking her story without crediting her. Plus she probably still has a grudge against her stepdaughter.