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As a California native, I never knew how much the majority of the world earns summer until I moved to New York. And now I can gladly say: NYC, we made it through winter, and not only that, but spring is over and we can rejoice because it’s summer! Praise Jah.

Of course with summer, comes the dreaded sun, but don’t worry, hats offer added sun protection, so we’ve got you covered. And fortunately, Bagtazo makes straw hats that won’t remind you of landscapers, dads or life guards. (But hello, thank you landscapers, dads and life guards).

Following our recent spring shop in Nolita, here is a roundup of NYC’s fav options:

Scarlet Hat
275.00 390.00
Bibi Garden Hat
264.00 329.00
Liv Garden Hat
264.00 329.00

Yes, these are pricey, and that’s because they’re handmade by a master straw sewer in New York. But if you love the look but want something that’s not an investment piece, we also have affordable styles that literally look good on everyone:

Anglais Hat
96.00 120.00
Normandy Boater
115.00 145.00
Tulum Hat
130.00 150.00

And for all you self-proclaimed “non hat people,” who really want to wear hats and just don’t know how, here are a few tips:

• You can wear hats either straight on, at the back of your head, or go Alicia Keys and tilt that shit
• FTR a 3” brim is considered slightly wide, so anything wider is def a look. So for anyone who wants an entry level hat, we recommend the affordable hats above as a good starter piece
• Wear your hat to a weekend day thing like a park gathering to start. You won’t feel ridiculous because you’re out in the sun and literally need a hat. After which, you’ll prob fall in love and stop telling a hat designer that you feel ridiculous in hats. Hello, they’re actually useful, not just like a fashion thing, happy to have you in our camp now.
• If you didn’t catch that wearing hats to weddings is a def yes from the royal wedding, it is; as is wearing hats to baby showers, bridal showers, all garden parties, BBQs, children’s birthday parties, honestly anywhere you want to look cute and not get sun damage. And please, don’t feel like you have to wear crazy fascinators, you can totes just wear a normal hat, it’s 2019.
• Also please note that hats are a must at drag parties.

But if you’re going to be super active (like ride a bike, a horse), or maybe you’re going to a wedding on a breezy beach, we also have hats with straps. And I know you didn’t ask, but Bagtazo started making hats with straps and then worked backwards to strapless hats from there after I moved to San Francisco (a v windy place), because I’m a hat girl and was sick of my hat flying off with gusts of wind, so these are road tested and totally work.

So here’s hat styles you can wear during such situations:

Jagger Hat

And if it’s a night thing or a thing where you’re not worried about sun but are worried about your hat flying off because you’re short and whenever someone hugs you, your hat flies off (speaking for myself here), we have hats with milliner’s elastic meant to be worn at the back of your head (under your hair) that hold the hat in place:


But also, just know that any hat can be pressed down til it’s snug so that it doesn’t go flying when you’re walking fast or a light breeze catches. It covers your eyes really well worn like that, so it’s also great when you’re walking in midtown trying to dodge tourists (why is the garment district combined with the tourist district, please someone tell me).

Ok, and last thing you all ask: what about traveling with a hat? Well, you have options, first being just wear your hat on the plane. I do it literally every flight (sometimes I wear 3 at once so don’t tell me it’s hard). Your second option is to pack it upside down and stuff clothes in it and all around it. But please note, we very much do not recommend this for anything with a brim wider than 3.”

The main reason we don’t make truly packable hats is because we make very structured hats that have very distinct shapes. We are not where you’ll get a floppy hat, we are where you’ll get a graphic hat with a cool shape. So it’s not possible to make a packable hat. (But I will admit that the Anglais are packable, I just hate curved brims and after folding it in half and rolling it up, your brim will curve over time - which can be fixed with books on the brim overnight, but you heard it here first, we keep this a secret because the more you fold and roll, the less structured your beautiful hat will become).

But guess what?! We did make a hat that literally rolls up. It’s our roll up visor and it rules because it’s for non-committal hat days where you want to cover your face but don’t want to wear a hat all day. You’re welcome.