Ecolier Beret

Ecolier Beret


Bagtazo has been making berets since we started making hats because we love them. This time we made one with its very own bow. 🎀

Color: Black
Materials: 100% Wool Felt Body / 100% Rayon Band
Made in USA

What’s in a Name

Be the sexiest French boy on the block


One Size: Fits 21 5/8” - 24”
Hat Size: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4


Wool is a complex fiber that is naturally water-repellant. This means your hat will survive getting caught in a light drizzle but it will also keep you cool on a hot day.



This hat can be folded or rolled. If the ribbon becomes wrinkled, take a light iron or steam to it.

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