I'm still just being a terrible blogger. I'm so busy trying to catch up. So here's a quick video of Pina Bausch and co doing a beautiful dance to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. I'm personally doing my own rites of spring, so I thought it was appropriate.

Pina Bausch is a modern dance choreographer that I have been studying off and on for the last year. Her work is obscure and often hard to follow, but I really love her take on movement. She also incorporates a lot of dance for film and land art, which I really love. If you just do a Google image search on Pina Bausch, you can see her striking continuity throughout her various works. Her aesthetic is very strong and feminine. The costumes she uses are Grecian and with tonal shades as a common motif. She tends to work with natural elements like water and flowers a lot.

She's a genius.

I'll say more about her eventually, but for now. Here's a small taste.