I'm pretty excited to share that I am now a contributing writer to Women and Filma community and exploration of female directed films and representations of women in media.  

We've started by taking a few of the articles I've written on Bagtazo's Periodical, and we will continue to re-post relevant articles from the Periodical on Women and Film. I'm pretty excited because the site is such a cool concept, and I get to reach a new audience with my work.

If you haven't already read my article on Meredith Monk, you can check out the reposting here.

Bagtazo's Periodical is an art history blog that I maintain somewhat as an exercise to help me through the design process, and to also help me deal with a lot of the angst I have towards the fashion industry and trends. I studied Visual Anthropology at USC, so it's great that my education has come full-circle and now some of my articles will be posted on a film-centric site.

Please subscribe to my periodical if you're into art history, and be sure to follow Women and Film on Instagram. You can also subscribe to Women and Film to receive updates by following this link and scrolling to the bottom of the page.