My friend and client, Chanelle Laurence (now Ojeda), of Valley High & The Penelope Times married her BF of 13 years, YES 13 YEARS, at the Thatcher Estate in Palm Springs and I had the honor of making her a custom hair piece and necklace. Today their wedding was featured on, so I thought I'd share.

With Chanelle's direction, we created a v-shaped brass hair piece. The piece is super light weight, which was my main concern. The high polished brass shape simply pins in the hair with oversized bobby pins.

I also made her a high-polished Karenni Choker. Both were hand made while I was juggling traveling between NY, Portugal, Italy and Peru, so I'm especially happy the custom piece turned out so well!

Chanelle had a lil baby bump by the time the wedding actually rolled around, so in one of these amazing 'second look' pics below, she's her chugging Martinellis (lol).


PS they had In-N-Out cater their wedding because CALIFORNIA KNOWS HOW TO PARTY


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