If you're a shopper (or just follow brands on social media), you might notice that a lot of companies are having sales right now. Generally, companies do sales to move through the remainder of their inventory in preparation for the changing season. Most companies start to have new stock for Spring beginning in February. So, it makes sense that stores and brands want to get rid of as much as they can, especially considering some Fall/Winter items delivered to stores in August.

Bagtazo however, seldom does sales because my products are priced fairly from the start. Most stores who do deep cuts in prices started off with high sales margins so that even when they put items on sale, they're making money. So of course, this puts pressure on all brands to follow suit (even though they don't follow this high-markup model). Because of high early-season markups, this model works for places like J Crew, but does not for the little guy.

It takes a lot of work, raw materials (that we sometimes forget comes from natural resources on our lovely Planet Earth), human power, and so much energy to create products, so I'm saying no to the pressures from corporate, fast-fashion. Plus Bagtazo doesn't follow trends, so if I have stock on a rain hat in summer, it simply gets put away until the rainy season comes again. (And you know, half the world has their seasons inverted, so why should I deprive them of rain hats just because we're dying in the inferno that is the NY MTA)?

Now that's not to say you won't see an occasional sale – I did one on Black Friday weekend in 2017, for example, because I wanted to give customers an opportunity to buy Christmas presents without the headache of rushing orders out at the last minute. But I'm just sayin... I'm not into it as a regular business strategy.

So there you have it. More about my principals. (Those damn things I have for better or for worse). But ultimately, I see it as good for the planet and the consumer. And I don't throw shade on wanting to get a deal, I def shop at Whole Foods based on sales.