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Maybe you already know that I love Grace Jones. To me, Grace is the queen of fashion.

A few days ago as we were testing out where to set up the projector in our new apartment, I put on videos of Grace. We love watching old TV, so we started watching her interviews, and I stumbled upon one that stuck with me.

So, here's a video of Grace Jones talking about gender neutrality and smashing the patriarchy before we had the modern words we use today. (Specfically at 6:28). Out of all the interviews we watched, I thought this interviewer was among the best. Unlike the other interviewers (with the exception of goddess joan rivers), He really did his research and shows no sign of intimidation or judgement. 

Language has become quite complex with regards gender these days, but within my lifetime, we didn't have terms that could easily explain these ideas because they were still being created. Language has always interested me for this reason. Imagine how simple concepts were in ancient Rome before they implemented word order. in this video, Grace is able to explain herself before society could even pallet her ideas, before society even had words for the concepts she's describing.

all hail queen grace