Remember the pillbox? Bagtazo is bringing them back. Most vintage pillboxes sit too small on the crown, but not ours!

PS — The elastic strap on this hat is meant to be worn hidden under your hair at the back of your head

Color: Blonde
100% Wool Felt / Hidden elastic strap
Made in USA


ONE SIZE: Fits 21 5/8" - 24"
HAT SIZE: 6 7/8 - 7 3/4


CROWN — 1.75" at front, 3" at back

What’s in a name

PILLEUS hat shapes were originally worn by Roman soldiers. The traditional pillbox shape was reimagined in the 30s for women.

About Wool Felt

Wool is a complex fiber that is naturally water-repellant. This means that your hat will survive getting caught in a light drizzle but will also keep you cool on a hot day. Wool is durable and resists wrinkles, so the hat will do a good job on its own of keeping its shape. Because wool keeps a layer of air next to the skin, this hat is intended for year-round wear.



This hat has a soft body and is technically crushable. However, before smashing your hat in your suitcase or closet, consider the telescope detail of the hat crown. If it gets smashed, you’ll have to steam it to remove creases.


Be sure to store this hat without pressure applied to the crown


Brush clean with natural bristles. Hat can also be lint-rolled. Never wash, but soiling / stain can be wiped clean with a very damp cloth.

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